Musk of Egypt

Musk of Egypt

Scents Garden

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This gorgeous Musk of Egypt perfume oil is a very traditional musky perfume oil, a classic.

We only sell genuine and quality products, and our perfumes are known to be very long lasting. 

Vegan friendly | Strictly Not tested on animals | Does not contain ingredients derived from animals | A blend of mostly natural and some synthetic ingredients. Suitable for Vegan and Vegetarian. 

Our perfume oils usually come with a roller-ball or stick applicator.These bottles are very ideal for carrying in pockets and handbags making it ideal for travelling. The Colour or the bottle of the perfume and label may vary at times, dependent on the fragrance. The notes and ingredients of the products may change from time to time, depending on the manufacturing process.

We hand pack and fill the perfumes ourselves (with love and care as its our small business), we sometimes we may fill up to but not limited to 0.5ml less or more than the amount sold as we need to make sure the bottle is not overfilled to leak or break and this is done by hand. Generally we are known to fill the bottle as much as we can, generously. 

100% Halal